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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes different from other event coordinators?
In addition to our exceptional creativity, experience and knowledge in the industry, we firmly believe it's the relationship we establish with you that sets us apart. Our goal is not only to design a one-of-a-kind and personal event for you, but to also make the kind of connection that leads to a beautiful friendship. We cannot wait to meet you, hear your story, love you, and make your story come to life!

What types of events do you coordinate?
We do everything! From weddings to birthdays, corporate functions to holiday parties, will design and coordinate your ultimate event.

Why do I need an event coordinator?
A model can have a selection of clothes, but a designer is needed to style and coordinate a fashion show. While planning your dream wedding is exciting, the work of balancing a career, your personal life, plus putting together your event can be stressful and overwhelming. You can make a few phone calls here, a few appointments there, but can you really be everywhere?

We believe that your event is special, and you should be fully celebrating every moment. Rather than worry about checking off your to-do list, leave the details and your desires to We're here to allow you to enjoy the best day of your life.

Can I modify a package?
We understand that each event is unique, therefore, all our packages can be modified to suit your needs. Get in touch with us -- we're happy to create a custom event package to suit your wishes.