A Beautiful Matrimony at Villa del Sol d'Oro in Sierra Madre

Giving you fair warning that this post is a bit more personal and a little sappy...

I've known Jess since high school when we met in our church youth group.  From there we became fast friends, initially connecting because of our high cheekbones, loud laughter and shared sense of goofy humor.  I've experienced so much of life with this beautiful woman, through hilariously traumatizing experiences studying abroad in Europe, lounging around sipping wine in her backyard, becoming her parents' 10th daughter, to eventually hearing about the first date with David up in Seattle.  Have to admit I wasn't so thrilled about the Seattle part... I wanted to keep her close by for years and years to come!  Soon enough they were engaged, and we started planning their wedding.  I became her brides-coord-maid-inator and tried really hard not to get emotional, but of course the day-of, the floodgates opened and all that wonderful makeup didn't have a chance.  It's been a few months now, and though we don't see each other as often as we'd like, I'm so grateful for our friendship and her many words of advice and support.  Praying for the fruit of the Spirit to continue to grow in you and through your relationship with David for many more years to come!

Photos captured by the awesome Ryan Haack

Jess&David - RyanHaack006
Jess&David - RyanHaack027
Jess&David - RyanHaack028
Jess&David - RyanHaack029
Jess&David - RyanHaack023
Jess&David - RyanHaack024
Jess&David - RyanHaack026
Jess&David - RyanHaack033
Jess&David - RyanHaack035
Jess&David - RyanHaack047
Jess&David - RyanHaack054
Jess&David - RyanHaack061
Jess&David - RyanHaack063
Jess&David - RyanHaack076
Jess&David - RyanHaack073
Jess&David - RyanHaack075
Jess&David - RyanHaack074
Jess&David - RyanHaack077
Jess&David - RyanHaack071
Jess&David - RyanHaack079
Jess&David - RyanHaack081
Jess&David - RyanHaack083
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Jess&David - RyanHaack104
Jess&David - RyanHaack087
Jess&David - RyanHaack112
Jess&David - RyanHaack114
Jess&David - RyanHaack059
Jess&David - RyanHaack060
Jess&David - RyanHaack042
Jess&David - RyanHaack110
Jess&David - RyanHaack108
Jess&David - RyanHaack107
Jess&David - RyanHaack123
Jess&David - RyanHaack128
Jess&David - RyanHaack126
Jess&David - RyanHaack127
Jess&David - RyanHaack116
Jess&David - RyanHaack130
Jess&David - RyanHaack132
Jess&David - RyanHaack134
Jess&David - RyanHaack133

Venue: Villa del Sol d'Oro / Photography: Ryan Haack / Hair: Genna Khein / Makeup: Jen Wang / Wedding Dress: Connie Tao Designs / Florist: Commerce Flowers / Ceremony Musicians: Darien Moses & Tim Pae / Cake: Jackyln Yang & Porto's Bakery / Paperie: Jenny J.