Engagement Photoshoot in Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica Pier

"I've been wrapped around her fingerSince the first time we went out Every day, and every night she's all I think about I need that girl beside me When the lights go out I think it's time to put a ring on the finger I'm wrapped around"  - Brad Paisley

I’m not into country music, but when I heard the lyrics to the chorus of this song, I immediately thought of Minhee and Terry! Lol! <3

I first met Minhee almost ten years ago when we went to Thailand together on a month long mission trip. We quickly became friends due to our similar personalities and we bonded over our faith, relationships and just plain girl talk. Over the years, Minhee was there for the many milestones in my life and was even one of my very own bridesmaids! She is someone who I can depend on, who always make me laugh and who really believes in me and I love her so much for that!

I am excited that not only has she asked my live.love.create girls to help plan and coordinate her special day, but my son will be her ring bearer as well! I hope he does a good job. ;P Even more, I am so ecsatic for her upcoming wedding because I was able to witness the start of her relationship with Terry, which was in the works slightly after our Thailand trip (yes, they have been together forever)! Mutual friends would joke that Minhee had Terry wrapped around her finger and although she denied it, it seemed like it could be true since Minhee can be pretty lovable and Terry always had the most romantic surprises for her, from hot air balloons to helicopter rides and for their engagement, fireworks! Yes, seriously, fireworks! It's as if they are filming their own Korean drama….

...and we have pictures to prove it taken by Eric Chiu

M&amp;T Engagement-10 copy

M&T Engagement-10 copy

M&amp;T Engagement-25 copy

M&T Engagement-25 copy

M&amp;T Engagement-55 copy

M&T Engagement-55 copy

I love the next set of photos because it really captures their relationship. <3

M&amp;T Engagement-31 copy

M&T Engagement-31 copy

M&amp;T Engagement-35 copy

M&T Engagement-35 copy

M&amp;T Engagement-40 copy

M&T Engagement-40 copy

M&amp;T Engagement-41 copy

M&T Engagement-41 copy

M&amp;T Engagement-44 copy

M&T Engagement-44 copy

M&amp;T Engagement-51 copy

M&T Engagement-51 copy

M&amp;T Engagement-57 copy

M&T Engagement-57 copy

M&amp;T Engagement-65 copy 2

M&T Engagement-65 copy 2

M&amp;T Engagement-70 copy 2

M&T Engagement-70 copy 2

xoxo, janet